Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Salah siapa?

Innocence of Muslims, a movie that is very unintellectual and far from what the reality is. They are trying humiliate the Muslims, but instead I see it as a step that they are actually making fun of themselves.

They say that Islam is a religion of violence and we do not respect others, but RARELY had any Muslims created a movie to insult other religion or movie spreading hatred. I am not sure who is VIOLENCE right now? Some of the actions of the Muslims might be wrong but it does not represent all of us.

This movie will only make us stronger and more united against our enemy!

However, maybe the Western world had insulted our beloved prophet, because they misunderstood our Prophet. I think it is us to be blame. We said that we LOVED our Prophet MUHAMMAD but had we really followed his sunnah? Have we ever though for once that MAYBE, the Western world understood Islam because of us. That goes to show the ummah has still a long way to go in potraying akhlak Islamiah. Even I am very angry of the Westerners, I took my time, muhasabah myself and sometimes, maybe we have to improve as well. 

"I am grateful that I found Islam before I found Muslim"
Baba Ali- A famous Muslim preacher in the Western World. He preached through Videos and Internet.

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